All is full of love

I signed up for BT’s  local ADSL broadband pilot in 2000.  The first thing I did was to start streaming video with my whole 1 meg bandwidth. What heady days they were.

In Jan 2009, according to Ofcom, the average UK broadband customer gets a blazing 3.6 meg.  How far we’ve come.

This video could have been the first one I played; it’s certainly the only one that made any impression on me. Quite possibly it’s the slick, plausible tech, or the flowing video composition, complimenting the music well. A female friend suggested it was the lesbian Bjork robots.  Lesbianism or narcissism? No idea. Undeniably the hook is good for catching otaku.  I took the bait.

UK music video director Chris Cunningham won an MTV award (Breathrough Video) and was nominated for a Grammy (Best Short Form Video) for his filmwork.

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