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Most days my twitter feed is generating the usual delightful cacophony of random thoughts and conversations in the background while I work. I’ll dip in and out of the public stream as I feel. A few weeks ago I discovered @pauljholden during an unrelated search of the twitterverse. Everyone else can suck up to @stephenfry, or clamour for attention from @wossy. I’m not particularly interested in the “must follow” celebs.

As a one-time comic book geek, having microblog-level access to the artist who regularly recreates the worlds of  Judge Dredd, DeadSignal, The 86ers and Rogue Trooper, is far more gratifying.

Paul is from Belfast, and became a professional comic book artist about 8 years ago. He’s been drawing comics since he was 8, about the age I started, but sadly for me, the talent that gets one into the pages of 2000AD wasn’t apparent anywhere in my scribblings.

Now I find his cohort Will Sliney (Farscape) has kicked off a sketchblog to showcase the art of professional comic artists like himself, Stephen Mooney (Angel; After the Fall), Stephen Thompson (Star Trek; New Frontier, Presidential Material: John McCain), Paul (Fearless, 2000AD), Nick Roche (Transformers, Doctor Who),  Bob Byrne (Mr. Amperduke, 2000AD) and Declan Shalvey (Frankenstein, Hero Killers).

It’s early days for now, but I hope that they’ll keep updates happening regularly. Show your support and visit Eclectic Micks

I need to get my arse back into London and buy some of their work at Forbidden Planet.





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