The Powermate Wireless Charger

pm1It’s this simple: attach the right receiver to your gadget, then place it on the Powermat. The Powermat can charge up to 4 different devices simultaneously.

A self-confessed gadget addict, I need a tidy charging system like this. Not so sure about how many receivers I am going to need though. I read on their blurb that there are universal type receivers; I’m assuming if it’s a USB compatible device then you don’t have to have a specialised receiver.

Due for release in Autumn of ’09. (Not certain if that means US only or all major markets)

If it all works as described and the price is sensitive to current market conditions, then it might be a winner for Powermat Ltd.

2 responses to “The Powermate Wireless Charger”

  1. gra says:

    Hey Smiffy! I think it uses induction.

  2. Buy Powermat says:

    This thing is amazing! It’s coming out October 4th, go to to buy one!

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