Françoiz Breut

I’m in a decidedly Gallic mood again today – would be rude not to share it with you.

106790Françoiz Breut is the stage name of Françoise Breut, whose enchanting, moody pop encapsulates all that I have to come to love about France. If you are not already a Francophile, and “si tu disais” fails to convert you, then it’s possible you’ll never quite grasp the allure.

The accompanying clip contains excerpts from the film Dies D’Agost (August Days) where twin brothers travel around the Catalan countryside in search of a missing friend. While I peer out into a snow-coated, frosty winter scene, and the chill of it seeps into my bones, Breut’s sultry tones matched with the langurous summer imagery of Dies D’Agost are the very tonic I require – enjoy.

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