London Cycle Chic


Keeping to a theme – London cycling fashions – this blog and online store came to me courtesy of Justine (again!). Time to start your own blog Knotty!

Stylish city ladies not satisfied with the de rigeur lycra cycling gear now have an excellent alternative fashion resource. Lots of retro chic, tips on buying bikes, safety pointers,  plus how to keep cool and photo-shoot fresh, even after miles of cycling. When you are done browsing all this fab gear it’s time to shop. Or pop on over to Denmark to check out Copenhagen Cycle Chic.

London Cycle Chic appeared in Vogue and look set to go onto bigger things. Personally I’d like to see more ‘chap chic‘ but I’m sure that will come with time and experience. I’m most pleased LCC have given the nod to some Down Under Cycle Chic. Well done Caz!




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