Douleurs sans Frontières – ARRETONS LA DOULEUR!

“ARRETONS LA DOULEUR!” (“STOP THE PAIN!) –   This short video made for Douleurs sans Frontières captures the never-ending cycle of war and the suffering it causes. Relevant to the conflict in Palestine wouldn’t you say?

Douleurs sans Frontières (Pain without Borders) is a French NGO founded in 1996  that works in the poorest countries. Their strictly humanitarian remit:

  • To fight pain: this our fundamental mission
  • Suffered by all patients: including those from the most underprivileged populations of our planet
  • In all countries: whatsoever the reasons for their ill-fortune

Directed by Philippe Gamer and Fred Remuzat and produced by Alexandre Calogeropoulos. Post production: Space Patrol. Music by M83. Creative agency: TBWA, Paris

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