Designer Sex Toy – Little Chroma Vanitas

toy2For the fashion concious woman it simply won’t do to have any old vibrator – certainly not some cheap, plastic toy stamped out of a third world sweatshop.

Jimmyjane have produced a luxury anodized aluminium vibrator that some gals wouldn’t be afraid to show off to staff at airport security. I’m guessing @violetblue could be one of them. She unknowingly brought this to my attention via Twitter today. Quite understandably, the majority of you ladies aren’t going to be so forthright. The shy types will be pleased to know that their Little Chroma model is “barely audible at arm’s length”.  It’s not afraid of the water either –  “LITTLE CHROMA vibrators are waterproof to a depth of about 5 times your bathtubs” – is a bathtub an internationally recognised unit of measurement? Who cares as long as your shiny companion doesn’t drown at critical moments right?

Being fashioned from high quality metal also adds another benefit. The Little Chroma will retain heat or cold depending on preferences to enhance the sensation. If  the motor happens to give up the ghost (high mileage?) it can be replaced easily using a patented system. All materials are medical quality, body safe and dishwasher safe. So there you go.

Now for the pièce de résistance. Art lovers rejoice: the Little Chroma Vanitas is inspired by the Dutch Masters. Who would have thought?

The “Vanitas” paintings of the 16th and 17th centuries celebrated life’s pleasures while embracing their fleeting nature. With a nod to the Dutch Masters, LITTLE CHROMA VANITAS offers you the most ephemeral pleasure of all – what the French affectionately refer to as “La Petite Mort“.


Anyone without a degree in art history might want to know more about the Vanitas paintings.

Follow this link to the National Gallery for more.  Harmen Steenwyck would be having a fit if he were alive now.

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