Emma Hope – Velvet Bags and Shoes


There was a time when I fancied myself as a renaissance man, a progressive male who wasn’t averse to accompanying my woman on extended shopping expeditions, offering informed critique on choices of apparel, having at least a working fashion vocabulary, and generally not acting like a giant whinging dead-weight throughout.

That particular fantasy turned out to have a remarkably short life. Reality dawned upon meeting my wife. Be aware: there are those that shop, and there are the elite. KT shops at an Olympic level.  She’d be bringing home a gold medal haul to rival Chris Hoy if the purchase of shoes became a competitive event for  London 2012. Anecdotes are plenty; epic tales of retailers left with desperately exhausted staff and significantly improved fiscal status, following her lengthy, energetic visits.

I realised early on there is no way I could possibly keep up, and so I’ve resigned myself to a more traditional male role. However, I’d like to impress upon you that I’m not a complete fashion philistine by reserving space on this blog for news from the world of haute couture.

If I see it, and it appeals to me, or if I think it might interest my KT, then I’ll post it here.

First to catch my eye:


Feel free to disagree, but I think  these Emma Hope velvet sneaker bags are cool. I can see my wife swapping her current  functionally bland gym bag for one of these, although I maybe* terribly out of order in my presumption. She might* (my guess at her tastes not being too wide of the mark) top it off with matching velvet “Magic Basket” sneakers. They are advertised as unisex, though I’m afraid I’m not that brave or flamboyant. Or have I underestimated my sense of adventure? Might be worth a trip to one of her stores to try them on.

* (Note the excessive use of the passive voice – this is definitely uncertain territory)

A velvet fetish possibly not being my cup of tea, there is still HOPE (lame pun intended). These leather sneakers (below) are the shit. Not sure if they are still part of Emma’s range – I have a feeling they aren’t – but I’d part with hard earned shekels to score myself a pair.  I’ve also seen vintage suede shoes on the designer’s web site that are worthy of consideration.


UK designer Emma is one of those fascinating, fortunate types with a fairytale childhood only surpassed by their fairytale professional life. One only has to look at her bio to understand. I envy her.

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