AMG Vision Gran Turismo gives clues to future styling.

This Mercedes-Benz concept is just one of the exotic rides you’ll be choosing from when Gran Turismo 6  hits the shelves on December 6. The stunning curves of the AMG Vision Gran Turismo hint at a future signature style for Mercedes. While the car is not destined for production, some design elements, like the oversized diamond grille, could show up in less  dramatic form on coming models.

The gull-winged concept’s heart beats to the rhythm of a 577 horsepower (430 kW) AMG V-8, delivering a monstrous 590 lb-ft (800 nm) of torque, and  launching the 3,053 pound (1,385 kg) body around GT6 circuits at neck-snapping speeds.

Mercedes has built the 1:1 scale model, which will go on display the 2013 Los Angeles auto show. But if you don’t plan to visit,  keep Santa happy and you might find yourself at the virtual wheel of the AMG this Christmas.

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