Robugtix T8X

 T8X is the T8 for the plebs, but still epic.




Consumer robotics products have promised much over the years, but too often they disappoint. Some don’t even make it to market, as was the case with Thomas Burick’s White Box robots.

Sure, it looks the part, but can the T8X do more than a basic set of stilted motions? You bet it can. What makes this cybernetic tarantula special are its eerily lifelike movements. The proprietary Bigfoot™ Inverse Kinematics Engine is the magic behind everything, according to the boffins at Hong Kong-based Robugtix.

We’ve seen this awesome biomimmicry before with the T8, but the cost, oh lordie, the cost. 2,950.00 Obamadollars or 983 standard British Pints. Priced for IT contractors (see healthcare) and the Russian oligarchs, it was always going to be a no-go proposition for spiritually rich but cash poor man-children like me. Robugtix saw the cruelty in this, and got busy looking for ways to bring down manufacturing costs.

It pleases me to say they have delivered a significant reduction in price. By switching from a high-resolution, 3D printed exoskeleton, to a more conventionall injection molded shell, and ditching the wireless XBee system for Wi-Fi, Robutgtix will ship the T8 in June 2014 for $799.


Robugtix will sell you a T8X for $499, if you get off your shiny behind and order before January 2014. While you ponder that in terms of excuses to your significant other, cast your eyes on the creepy little bugger doing the salsa.




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