Janol Apin – Les p'tits vélos


Janol Apin’s sense of humour is well evident in the photographic essay – “Les p’tits vélos” (Small Bicycles). This is a nostalgic journey for the artist/photographer – as a young boy he would play on the beach, sculpting wet sand into alpine landscapes and re-enact stages of the Tour de France with miniature painted lead cyclists. He grew to be an adult, became a professional photographer, and later discovered the tiny toys in an iron box, reviving fond memories of his Breton childhood.

He took them into his studio, and the result is a volume of whimsical photos that recreate those days of Apin’s seaside youth. His boyhoods dreams of becoming a Tour hero are made tangible – the viewer can begin to fathom French passion for the great race.

Included are some not-so-innocent, lilliputian cycling vistas – I’m relatively certain the boy Janol and his mates weren’t re-enacting the Tour using naked women to simulate hilly scenery – then again who knows what French kids are allowed to get up to.


If anyone can tell me where to buy the book (aside from travelling to France) I’d be highly appreciative. Here are the only details I have:

Les p’tits vélos”
Format 18×26 à l’italienne
80 pages
ISBN : 978 2 917863 008

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