Captured Glow

Summer is on the wane, but I’ve made the most of the tail-end, at least with the camera. Most of what you see below has been shot out in the Quebec countryside and various parts of Newfoundland, where nature and the weather have both obliged with rich, carnival hues. I’m experimenting with various techniques, including the nearly ubiquitous HDR, which I fear is a photography trend running amok. When I’ve employed HDR, I’ve deliberately toned it down, avoiding heavy-handed ‘clown sick’ imagery where possible. One method is to go monochrome, while retaining the extended tonal ranges that HDR can offer.

I’ve got my eyes aimed at the skies now, looking forward to the crisp, clear winter nights to try my hand at a little astrophotography. I’ll upload those as soon as I have something worthwhile to show off.

All images copyright of Martin J Smith 2012




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