Zena Holloway


Zena Holloway achieved acclaim in the late 90s with her photographs of underwater babies. She was awarded the Silver Medal for her “Waterbabies” entry by the Royal Photographic Society in the 1998 International Print Competition.

Since then she has continued to photograph babies and children swimming underwater, though the rest of her commercial portfolio has expanded to include otherworldly, fairytale images of adults and marine wildlife.

Zena is probably the leading professional underwater photographer in the world today. She has published numerous coffee-table style books and early learning board books for babies. Her recent publications include Enfants d’Eau, Sirènes, Waterbaby! and Counting and Colours (Waterbabies).

I find it most remarkable is that she is self-taught. This only goes to reinforce my belief that the truly innovative talents are usually unbounded by conventional institutional thought and instruction.

My picks from her portfolio don’t include cherub-like infants. These glowing, ethereal images transport the viewer into a magical, mythical, sometimes erotic innerspace.




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