Brittany Dewester – flickr talent


On Brittany’s flickr page: “I’m just a girl with a camera =)”  Uh huh. Just an exceptionally adept, stunningly attractive girl (those eyes!) with a camera. Her self-portraiture and conceptual work in particular demonstrates an eye for colour, composition, texture and emotion well beyond what you would expect of someone who only graduated from her BA course in photography last year. I for one will be following the progress of this nascent talent in the future.




7 responses to “Brittany Dewester – flickr talent”

  1. lola s says:

    i think brittany is the utmost best thing ever. i wish she was a celeb so i can hang up postrs of her and stuff. chances r she WILL be famus soon since shes an online addiction. thats how taylor swift got popular. i luv tay. i luv brittany more–shedbe my fave celeb if she was 1. i always go 2 brittany’s flickr 2 check out new things. i dont have a flickr, but imnot as pretty as her so i will probably look stupid anyways.


  2. Erin Wesley says:


  3. Lily Blacker says:

    she rox my effing sox

  4. says:

    better than brit snow and spers

  5. says:

    y does everyone life her? who is she? i have to go c

  6. says:

    ohh thats why. she is better than snow and spears

  7. kookooforkokopuffles says:

    🙂 gogogog brittany! hope she succeeds in live

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