Jerry Kobalenko – One happy man.


Last night my wife and I attended a presentation by writer, photographer and Arctic trekker Jerry Kobalenko, titled ‘SEARCHING FOR ARCTIC EDEN’, part of the Royal Canadian Geographical Society’s Speaker Series. People like Jerry never fail to inspire me, while also stirring up feelings of deep envy. During the talk, he cycled through a slide show of photographs from his travels north of 75° latitude, each one a breathtaking example of the sublimely beautiful landscapes he enjoys hiking, skiing, sledding and kayaking through. He reminded his audience that there are still places on this planet that you can escape from the 7 billion others and enjoy true solitude. Without ramming the message down our collective throat, he highlighted the profound impact we are having on the high Arctic environment, underlining the importance of preserving it, for ourselves and for future generations.


Jerry answered a question that many wannabe explorers like myself often ask: how does one make a living and still manage to fund 3 month expeditions to remote locations like the Arctic. His response: Unless you are have family money or you are an accomplished motivational speaker, with great difficulty. However, he does derive an income from his excellent books, and I urge you to visit his site and order. This is probably the most shameless plug I’ve made in any post on this blog, but I feel the guy deserves it. At the end of presentation, Jerry invited the audience to ask questions. In answer to “What do you think about/feel when you are travelling alone up there?”, he listed off a a few things, including, goals, songs, prior experiences, but ultimately his final response was the best. “I feel happy”




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