Ferrari 250 GTO

A few posts have been dedicated to Bugattis from different periods, and I’ve been surprised by the amount of traffic they draw. It occurred to me that if folks should drop in to look over those photos, I should then take that opportunity to direct their attentions to this sublime beauty. I’m sure plenty of you lovers of all things motoring will know something about the Ferrari 250 GTO, but I’m betting there is a new generation that don’t, and I see it as my duty to introduce them. Kids, meet the greatest Ferrari of All Time.

As this is an educational post, I must supply the pertinent details first.

Follow the links above if you want more history, specs, and trivia – there’s gigabytes of it out there. Otherwise, browse the gallery to admire the stunning lines of this timeless design icon, arguably the most desirable and valuable car in the world. Every Ferrari should carry a little piece of it’s DNA.



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