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Travis and Brady Hammond created iMoMA, a virtual museum back in 2007. Nothing  groundbreaking there. Online museums have been around since the early days of the web.

Here’s what’s fresh: iMoMA displays photos of works in the Museum of Modern Art, as taken by visitors.  Each snapshot is a unique perspective – we might see the same artwork again and again but from different angles and lighting conditions, or composed in novel ways.  iMoMa is a hodgepodge of alternative viewpoints.

Because we are forced to view the artwork thru contrasting aspects, this in turn motivates us to explore our personal relationship to it, then decide if these images represent works of art in their own right.  At least that is what the Hammonds are hoping for.

iMoMA is essentially an aggregation of flickr photos. Visit the iMoMA link, then click through to the iMoMAproject [nyc] flickr group. While Travis and Brady still encourage submissions to flickr, they’ve created, which is certainly cleaner and easier to navigate, but currently lacking in uploaded content. You’ll notice the special pages dedicated to particular artworks @ MoMA, such as Roy Lichtenstein’s “Girl with Ball” or Patrick Norguet’s “Rainbow Chair”.

Museums usually discourage or even prohibit visitors from taking photos of artworks, citing “infringement of copyright”, so iMoMA and any similar projects are going to invite potential problems. Here is an example of flickr acting on a notice of copyright infringement from ADAGP.

Personally I think such actions are petty and ultimately futile.  Your thoughts?

Some more images from


Dan Flavin - Pink out of a Corner - To Jasper Johns


Edouard Hoffman, Max Miedinger - Helvetica Bold, 36 Point

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