Nastplas – Illustration & Digital Art

One of the delights of maintaining this blog is the contact I establish with creative people around the globe. Among them, fashion writers in New York, photographers in France, artists in the UK, and designers in Australia. Today, I am fortunate to have discovered the works of Nastplas – two freelance illustrators and designers based in Madrid, Spain. They consist of “Dr Franken” and Natalia Molinos.

The typographic image above caught my eye. It was dedicated to the artist’s father, who died several years ago from cancer. I won’t attempt to interpret what his intention was – I’ll leave that to you.

Further sifting through their portfolio, I came across this next example, which I will call “The Runner”. The electric blue aura reminds me of the potential energy, kinetic and mental, waiting to be released before a race – so concentrated and intense it appears to effervesce from the figure.

Aside from the obvious erotic overtones in the artwork below, I’m more intrigued by the effective use of colours, and the hybrid human-tree theme. It’s channeling ancient Germanic mythology this one. The title should be “Askefrue” – Female tree spirit.

There is plenty more in the Nastplas portfolio, and a treasure trove of cool links. Do visit them.

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